Skintact RT-41 Tab EKG Electrodes

Skintact RT-41 Tab EKG Electrodes
Product code : RT-41
Manufacturer : Skintact
Market price : $99.00
Our price : $69.00


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Discount Cardiology is your premier source for Skintact RT-41 resting tab EKG/ECG Electrodes! Contact us for the lowest pricing on Electrodes in the U.S.A.    1000/BX

About This Product

Skintact RT-41 Tab EKG Electrodes


Skintact RT-41 tab Electrodes by Discount Cardiology SKINTACT RT-41 Diagnostic Resting ECG Electrodes The SKINTACT RT-41 Easitab System - Your best choice for an excellent and safe resting EKG/ECG: Excellent Trace Quality. The conductive adhesive Aqua-Tac hydrogel of SKINTACT Easitabs provides a reliable signal tracing of consistent high quality. Easitab F-WA00 and FS-WB00 with Aqua-Wet gel complete the range for demanding conditions. Secure Adhesion and Patient Comfort. SKINTACT Easitabs feel soft but stick well to the patient’s skin. Their contact design prevents lift-off. After the ECG they can be removed comfortably – without loss of hair. Superior Safety. Proper use of SKINTACT RT-41 Easitabs eliminates cross infection whereas suction electrode bred bacteria and fungi. Time Efficiency. Unlike suction electrodes, SKINTACT Easitabs on a handy card are applied quickly on all types of patients. Aqua-Tac gel requires no clean up after the ECG. Easiprep and Easiclip tab adaptors further facilitate your success.


Resting ECG Tab Electrode
Adhesive Gel     Ag/Ag Chloride     Latex Free

  • 28mm X 35mm
  • Large adhesive area for better adhesion.
  • The conductive adhesive provides a reliable signal tracing of consistent high quality. 
  • The contact design prevents lift-off.
  • Can be removed comfortably- without loss of hair.
  • Requires no clean up after the ECG.

Skintact's electrodes are made of the highest quality materials, to exacting standards for increased performance and reliability. All of Skintact's electrodes are made to comply with industry standards to ensure that their electrodes will perform under all monitoring conditions.



Discount Cardiology sells Skintact RT41 Electrodes at the lowest prices. These RT41resting ECG/EKG electrodes are perfect for patient monitors, telemetry systems for cardiac rehab, holter recording, stress testing and more. Check out our tab electrodes for resting ecgs. We also have fantastic bulk pricing. Call for details 800-507-8244


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Skintact RT-41 Tab EKG Electrodes

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